El Greco

Hip-hop recording artist El Greco takes his name from the 16th century mannerist painter. The nickname was bestowed upon him in his high school humanities class, and it has stuck ever since. Like the painter, El Greco fashions his music with his own brushes- his words.

At the ripe old age of 18, El Greco began his journey into the world of hip-hop. He started to appreciate music at a young age in the early 80’s, he was heavily influenced by older sibs’ musical penchants, (including the likes of Michael Jackson, U2, LL Cool J, and even Black Flag).

El Greco quickly learned the art of the mix tape, and with encouragement from friends and fans, began his full-length debut CD, “The Alpha Is The Omega”.

The first singles have been released in trio, including the tracks “Immigrant or Citizen”, “Steel”, and “Alright”. El Greco has hooked up successfully with top-flight programmer DVS, a host of highly acclaimed musicians, and veteran producer/engineer Thomas Rowan, of Sound Lab Recording Studio, to flesh out his musical canvas.

El Greco’s Greek heritage, his voice, and his passion make “The Alpha Is The Omega” a unique and outstanding work. So sit back and enjoy the ride this master artist, just like his nickname sake, will not disappoint.

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